Where will you End Up if You Dig a hole through the Earth through to the other side? This tool can tell you!

So what happens if you dig a hole that goes straight through the earth to the other side?

Where will you End Up if You Dig a hole through the Earth through to the other side? This tool can tell you! July 24, 2017Leave a comment

Well, if you look at it from an engineering point of view, it might be the biggest nightmare any excavation engineer and geologist will have to face. This tunnel would be the most advanced civil work that the world has ever seen since it will be designed to navigate across the tough mantle and then the liquid metal crust at the center of the Earth. But, if you consider it just as an idea and a curiosity, something that really bothered you when you were a kid, well now you can find out!
This tool tells us exactly where we will end up on the other side if we start digging at a particular place on the surface of the Earth. The Antipodes map is a fun little tool that lets you select any location on the world map and then it tell you the exact location of the place you will end up in.

Here is a fun fact regarding this novel tunneling:

Here are a list of places where are directly beneath you on the Earth and are interconnected by that imaginary tunnel. You can go both ways ofcourse.

But, the problem here is that most of the times if you start digging, you will end up at the bottom of the ocean probably miles below the water surface. You don’t want that as that would flood the entire tunnel you invested so much time in. There are some places where you will find solid ground and light at the end of the tunnel. China is one of them. So, if you start digging from somewhere around Beijing you will end up in Rio Negro, Bahia Blanca Argentina. You could make a rail connection and enjoy summers and winters at the same time! Well we must not get ahead of ourselves as 12,742 Km of rock and hot metal stands in our way! (Earth’s diameter)

So where will you end up if you start digging from where you are located right now?

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