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Disney has Something Special for Social Media Star Jake Paul 

It’s Everyday Bro!! 

Disney has Something Special for Social Media Star Jake Paul  July 24, 2017Leave a comment

Disney has let go of 20-year-old YouTuber and former Vine star Jake Paul with the catch phrase “it’s Everyday bro!!”. He has more than 25 million followers on YouTube. He also has been starring in Disney’s “Bizaardvark” since last year.

His name has been circulating in the news for quite a while now—from daily shenanigans to being arrested a few days back.

 A Disney Spokesperson said in a statement

“We’ve mutually agreed that Jake Paul will leave his role on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark,” he also said  “On behalf of the production company, the cast, and crew, we thank Jake for his good work on the TV series for the past 18 months and extend our best wishes to him.”

Paul is also running an influencer agency names Team 10. Now what they do is turn social media users into stars by promoting them on YouTube via videos and making them tons of money from their internet presence and millions of followers.

This is what he Tweeted and the train of funny comments followed with a lot of people correcting him that he was “fired” and he did not let go of Disney, it was actually the opposite.

This is the Actual Tweet Bro!

What’s up Jake Paulers

I hate to have to throw crazy news on you guys all at once but since we are family I know you will understand and be super supportive. Long story short… my team, Disney channel and I have come to the agreement its finally time for me to move on from the Disney family and Bizzardvark. Being a part of the Disney family for the past two years was incredible and a dream come true. I love my cast mates and will continue to support Disney but I have outgrown the channel and feel its time to move forward in my career. At this point in time I am wanting to focus more on my personal brand, my Youtube channel, business ventures, growing Team 10 and working on more adult acting roles. We have big things in the works and I can’t wait to share it all with you. This is just the beginning. Love you Jake Paulers (Heart emoji) 

It’s Everyday bro!! Peace!!

The “Former” Disney actor and his squad of influencers live in West Hollywood rental. Their pranks are not hidden anymore and are potentially dangerous from setting a bunch of furniture in the pool on fire to setting a mattress on fire.

They have been turning the neighborhood into a “circus” with loud parties and pranks.

Paul shared his address online to millions of followers who then swarmed the streets trying to find him.

The neighbors were meeting with city leaders and police to file a public nuisance class action lawsuit.

A reporter asked a question about him turning the block in to a “circus” Paul replied “People like going to circuses,” he explains.

“It’s terrible, it’s a bad situation and I feel bad for them, but there’s nothing we can do,” he said. “Jake Paulers are the strongest army out there.”

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