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No More Ben Batman! 

 Batman Under Siege

No More Ben Batman!  July 24, 2017Leave a comment


The actor in Argo and Armageddon that we all have come to like due to the fact he was married to Jennifer Garner for 10 years.

There was a time when Warner Bros. and DC comics announced that they are casting Batman for the latest Batman movie. Everyone who was a fan of either DC Comics or Warner Bros. fell into a deep pit of despair. Everyone exclaimed that sensitive Boston bro as the Infamous Dark Knight?!

These are the same people who whined about Heath Ledger being casted as Joker, then later found out that he was the best joker ever. His acting set the bar up high for the future jokers and Jared Leto as his successor.

It was utterly impossible to imagine. Handing him the major roles in pop culture felt so wrong at that time. As his acting still left something to be desired. At the time of casting Affleck was already established himself as the director of not.

When Batman vs. Superman directed by Zac Snyder was released, all the social media trolls who didn’t support Affleck were proven right, Sadly!

The famous Sad Affleck memes was derived by the interview after the train wreck release of the movie. His sad face throughout the interview evoked the trolls abundantly available on the internet.

This movie failed to create the buzz that famous and successful movie franchises rely on.

The original plan was Ben to follow up Batman Vs. Superman by writing, direction and starring in a Batman movie.

His portrayal as Batman in this movie is something that should be pondered upon, why oh Why!

Now it seems that DC and Warners Bros. have changed their minds.

At first he was fired from directing or they say that he stepped down from the job.

Shortly after the “Stepping Down” of Affleck, Matt Reeves completely discarded the old script and came up with an entirely new story.

As per Hollywood Reporter Affleck will be hanging up his cowl and passing on his crown to someone new.

The studio has yet to make an official statement but it is highly unlikely that Affleck will be starring in another Batman movie.

The main issue has been reported as Timing 

DC is planning to release Shazam! and Suicide Squad pretty soon. It means that The Batman (tentative title) wouldn’t being filming until last 2018. The shooting completely depends on Affleck’s schedule though.

Ben has his plate full these days anyways, he is writing and also directing the adaptation of Agatha Christie Witness for the Prosecution and also starring in follow-up sequel of The Accountant. Which is big deal. He is also in a steady relationship with Lindsay Shookus which is also taking up quite a bit of his time these days.

It is predicted that when the next Batman movie comes out he will be 50 by then. Hollywood is quite famous for dismissing men for their age as well.

So seems like we have seen the last of Batman-Affleck. Probably DC and Warner Bros. will find someone who will be a better Batman. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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