Electronics Ban from Some Middle East Countries to USA Finally Lifted

Now you can bring your laptop from Doha to USA!

Electronics Ban from Some Middle East Countries to USA Finally Lifted July 24, 2017Leave a comment

The Trump administration has done some really questionable moves since coming to office but none of them have been as random and poorly thought out as the electronics items ban from a list of countries from the Middle East. The list included eight countries and had some prominent names including Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey and Jordan which are the primary allies of the US in the region. Recently, a sensible decision was taken to reverse this electronics ban and now travellers can take their electronics items to the USA again.

The move affected nine airlines operating in the zone and was in place for over four months causing numerous headaches to the students, entrepreneurs and other travelers alike. Now the department of Homeland security has reversed the decision.



The ban was in place for all electronic items “bigger” than a smartphone. While the term bigger was mentioned, it was not defined what is meant by it, causing plenty of extra confusion for the Transport Security Agency (TSA) and the travelers alike. While some people were definitely affected by the ban, there were some hilarious responses to the ban as well.

But all this doesn’t change the fact that harassment and increased scrutiny of private property has increased in recent months due to the insecurity of the new administration. People have to go through canine checking, frisking of personal data on phones and extensive body searching by TSA agents. Not just foreigners, a new piece of legislation is also being debated in the Congress which will allow TSA agents to go through the phones of USA nationals as well. At what point is this likely to stop?

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