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Mysterious Space Signal !

Mystery within a Mystery Said Mendez says a planetary astrobiologist at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo

Mysterious Space Signal ! July 25, 2017Leave a comment


It was something Abel Mendez had ever observed. The frequency was identical as radio emission from satellites. Although it pulsed like something coming from farther away.

Mendez and his coworkers has their telescopes pointed at Ross a red dwarf star 128 just 11 light-years away.

It presented a mystery within a mystery, said Mendez, a planetary astrobiologist at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo. First, did it originate in space, on the ground, or somewhere in near-Earth orbit? And second, wherever it came from, what could have produced it?

The strange signal was spotted in May; Mendez took a closer look. He looked for advice from other scientists, he also asked other observatories to watch for the signal again and try to detect the pulses again.

Here’s what a scientist does, he doesn’t believe it was aliens or even speculated it. He described in a brief blog post

“that’s all anyone wants to know about,” Mendez said with an exasperated laugh. “I have that experience even with my family.”

Mendez said that not everything has to come from aliens to be cool. Space is filled with phenomenon beyond our imagination and our understanding. The probability of life beyond Earth is quite thrilling for us as experiencing a new phenomenon would be. Even if it’s not aliens or a natural occurrence it will help scientists fine tune their equipment for better survey of space.

These sort of mysteries remind us how much need to be explored as yet. Scientists keep on probing for answers.

“I have had so much mystery in my life in the past month,” Mendez said. “We hate that.”

The signal was detected during observation of nearby dwarfs. They are very beautiful, not very bright stars that are abundant in our galaxy.

Mendez and his colleagues spend an entire evening observing several res dwarf stars at Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico which is world’s biggest operational telescope.

The weird signal was observed while Arecibo was pointed at Ross 128, a small star in the constellation Virgo that’s too dim to be seen with the naked eye.

It really doesn’t prove that the radio emissions came from Ross. It is quite considerable that the source of the signal might be something much more mundane. Arecibo is quite sensitive and it often picks up ground-based signals.

Something as small as mobile phone signals might interrupt radio telescope observations.

Mendez is quite sure that the signals are not from Earth. The signal was only detected when Arecibo was pointed towards Ross 128 and not during any other observations.

Mendez consulted with four scientists from SETI institute which conducts research on the signals and compare them with catalogue from available signals from satellites. They observed that the frequency of signals was from 4.6 to 4.8 GHz and it was the same range as radio signals from many satellites.

The signal’s shape refused to support their speculation and it seemed like the signal from quite far away.

“I mean, really far away,” Mendez added. “Like stellar or farther.”

What is the mystery, it is still under observation? We will keep you tuned as the story develops.


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