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China’s new bookstore has an endless tunnel of books-literally!

This is straight from the move inception!

China’s new bookstore has an endless tunnel of books-literally! July 26, 2017Leave a comment

There are a number of beautiful libraries in the world, magnificent in their structure, architecture and the books that they foster. Examples can be drawn from the likes of Library of Congress, Bodleian Library, Vatican Library and so on. Yet the creators from Shanghai studio XL-M have made something truly breathtaking.

Yangzhou Zhang Shuge bookshop has opened it’s doors for people with an out of the world experience in mind. The bookshop, with its black mirrored flooring and arched shelves, makes one feel as if he’s traveling through the never ending passage of knowledge.

The engineers said that they took inspiration from Zeng Yuan’s waterside, its scenic beauty, and the arched bridges.

The shelves in the tunnel have been artistically adjusted so that their reflection makes them look as if one is surrounded by them from all sides.

Astonishingly, the shelves don’t reach all the way to the top but rather end in random places, which when looked at from afar, loosely constitute a lightning bolt, partitioning the ceiling from the middle into two.

This is reflected on the floor and helps create the illusion of a river.

The lobby is based on a 1000 Sq. Ft. space with white sweeping archways and sloped shelves, complementing the tunnel.

The bookshop is well constructed with a continuous theme throughout the store. In addition to the tunnel of books, there is also a reading room filled with artistic sculptures and children’s area based around the village theme. The ceiling lights are arranged in such a way that the effect of a starry night is created.

The store truly seems something out of what a book nerd’s dreams are made of.

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