Football Players These Days Want to Smoke Marijuana

Could this be "pain relief perfection"?

Football Players These Days Want to Smoke Marijuana July 26, 2017Leave a comment

Marijuana is an industry that has been constantly growing. As of recent, it’s the largest boom we’ve ever seen – some would even say that it’s up to par with the prohibition of alcohol. Weed isn’t as awful as most people would tell you it is, and there are recent studies that can solidify that statement. Of course, there will always be skeptics and those that don’t roll alongside the “marijuana train”. They are using this plant to treat medical ailments, as well as legalizing it for recreational use in many parts of the world. Football is a vicious sport, and marijuana is the most potent painkiller that naturally occurs – so you would figure that both of them go hand in hand.

If you’ve ever watched football on television, you already know how violent it can be. People are putting their bodies on the line every single game, and after that final whistle blows, they’ve got to go back home and live their lives. They put themselves through hell for our entertainment, and then are expected to perform just as well (if not better) the following week. I don’t know about you, but that sounds absolutely crazy! I know what you’re probably thinking: “they make millions of dollars, what can they really be complaining about?”. Truth be told, a lot of us would love to play football for millions of dollars, but most of us aren’t 6’2 and 240 pounds (with 4% body fat). Even if you are, the chances of you making the National Football League are very slim. Yet we still critique these players every single week, for the performance that they present to us on the field – and in many cases, off of the field as well.

The players that we pay so much to see on the field are human beings, and they feel every single bump/bruise that comes along with the game. They have to take a plethora of medications, from simple pain relief pills down to pain numbing sprays. If you don’t play, you don’t get paid; it’s a next man up mentality. So many people in the NFL feel like their spot is constantly up for grabs, so they need to play injured – only to make the problem much worse in the process. You could do a simple Google search and quote an abundance of different football players talking about their nagging injuries, and how they have had an impact on their lives. CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalotpathy) is a brain injury that comes with more than its fair share of symptoms, and is prevalent in the game of football. Former players have begun to donate their brains after death in order to further the study of this disorder, and the results that people have been coming across are staggering. Almost 99% of former NFL players studied showed to have signs of CTE. Marijuana is a natural pain killer and could even promote healthy brain function (and potentially reverse the effects of CTE, in the minimal sense) – so it’s worth a try.

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