Former NFL Player From the Jets is Suing Jeff Sessions (Trying to Legalize Weed!)

Weed, or pills - what do former football players have to say about it?

Former NFL Player From the Jets is Suing Jeff Sessions (Trying to Legalize Weed!) July 26, 2017Leave a comment

Football is such a rough sport, that you probably would want to smoke a joint or two yourself if you had been playing professionally. Marvin Washington is an NFL player of the past, and happens to be one of the 5 named plaintiffs attempting to sue Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as well as the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration. This is a federal court case and pertains to the legalization of marijuana – this all stems from a New York Post report. Marvin Washing is a former defensive linemen for the New York Jets, and being a defensive lineman (or just a lineman in general) is one of the most dangerous positions. You’re making contact with a player on every single play, so the physical scars that you have to show for your efforts are going to be in abundance. Washington played in 11 NFL seasons, which is quite long – considering the fact that the average career span for an NFL player is only 5 years (and due to the rules of math, that’s with the larger careers worked in).

Washington is also the co-founder of a brand new company that sells hemp-based items, none of which contain THC. THC is the actual aspect of marijuana that gets you high, where as hemp is the more useful component when it comes to producing practical items (and energizing products). The lawsuit lists that the federal government is wrong for classifying marijuana as a Schedule I drug, which is a substance that is considered to be of high-risk (when talking about the risk of addiction and abuse), it also means that it has no medical use. This prevents Washington receiving incredibly useful federal grants, which he could use to improve upon current businesses and open new ventures. He wants to open up a business that helps pro football players “use medical marijuana for pain management in lieu of more addictive opioids”.

NFL players don’t have it easy when it comes to medication. Washington said that NFL players are constantly “fed opiates and pharmaceuticals throughout the week, from training camp until the end of the season. That can be June to January. It’s not normal.” – he’s speaking a definite truth. Football players have been wanting to smoke marijuana for a very long time, and some of them even do so regardless of the rules; landing them some hefty fines and suspensions. Marijuana has been a large topic of discuission, but it isn’t just for recreational use; the players seem like they could benefit from it immensely. Tons of athletes would love to smoke weed to help themselves relax and recover, but I don’t think any other athlete out there would need it as much as football players do. Washington also said: “I think the Players Association should demand that players have alternatives to opiates,”. Do you agree with the marijuana movement Washington is trying to push?

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