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Elon Musk’s Claim about Getting Hyperloop Permission was Misleading

Elon must be fuming right now!

Elon Musk’s Claim about Getting Hyperloop Permission was Misleading July 26, 2017Leave a comment

A while ago Elon Musk took to his twitter and tweeted that he’d received “verbal permission” to build the much anticipated underground project Hyperloop from NewYork to Washington DC. The project is allegedly going to reduce travel time between the large cities to 29 minutes.

Elon’s idea seemed far-fetched in the beginning, it still does to the average skeptic, but this hasn’t deterred him from inching closer to his dream as it’s finally becoming a reality since the the full-scale test was conducted last week.

Elon’s claim about the verbal agreement put media into a frenzy as everyone tried to get more information about the said agreement making Musk to retrace his steps and he once again tweeted;

Spokespersons in the administration were phoned by many journalists with the intention of verification of Musk’s claims which turned the whole business into a farce since the audacity of building an interstate transit project in four of the largest cities of the east coast based on the verbal agreement was realized.

Anyone who has had any affiliation with the US government quite clearly understands that the US government does not work on verbal agreements.

Pennsylvania state spokesperson further confirmed that neither the state’s department nor the governor of Transportation had issued any permissions for the project.

Ben Sarle of NYC Mayor’s office said in his email;



Perhaps it’s high time that Elon resigned himself to reality and thus we were granted Elon’s prerogative as he tweeted perhaps he had jumped to conclusions and appealed to people to help him in his initiative.

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