Top Airlines offering Wi-Fi services on air.

Check out which airlines provide best Wi-Fi during air travels!

Top Airlines offering Wi-Fi services on air. July 26, 2017Leave a comment

What is a person supposed to do in order to relax and unwind? For most of us, the answer would immediately be to watch our favorite episodes on Netflix, preferably on Wi-Fi.

Now, imagine you’re on a flight that’s a couple of hours long, you plan on leaning back, putting on your headphones and catching up on your series, but when you try connecting to the wifi, to your shock and horror you don’t find any service!

Oh, the horrors! Incidentally, though, the statistics of this happening to you is quite high. According to a report, only 39 percent of flights have Wi-Fi service available in them.

There might be a thousand ways to have fun but most of them aren’t accessible without the internet to us. Therefore, it has become imperative that you select a service that provides wifi to its customers.

Wi-Fi in the air works the same way as it does on ground level. The Air to Ground technology (ATG) is utilized by the corporations. In Fact, it works much faster in the air due to the close proximity of the signal towers.

Most companies acquire the service through Gogo but some airlines have their own Wifi systems with different technologies. With ATG4 being the most advanced in the field.

Presently, the top 3 airlines that offer best Wi-fi are JetBlue, Virgin Airlines, and Delta Airlines.

JetBlue offers the fastest internet with the speed of upto 15 Mbps while Virgin Airlines claims 8-10 times better internet than its competition. Though JetBlue has the edge of offering the service free of cost.

All airplanes of JetBlue and SouthWest are equipped with the service. The service is available on some flights of United airlines, Etihad, Iberia, Scoot and Icelandair offer it with a considerable difference in ticket prices. While Emirates and Lufthansa don’t  offer the service at all.

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