Top Fastest Growing YouTube channels 2017

Top Fastest Growing YouTube channels 2017 July 26, 2017Leave a comment

Ever since YouTube appeared in 2005 probably, no one could imagine the growth at which it will develop into the most influential social community consisting of home videos, short creativity videos, and exclusive video series. Even many other social networks had a development thanks to the acceptance of a video as a means of showing social and moral private life; YouTube will apparently never die, at least not in the form as we see and know it.

One of the greatest benefits of this social community is the ability to show social and moral videos to the entire world. This invites different supporters and viewers. Naturally, everyone can be a superstar in his/her small world, but sometimes much more than that. The making of good video results in inviting more viewers and subscribers who want to view more from you and finally make you famous. Some people earn a lot of money thanks to YouTube, as evidenced in our list of Top Most Growing YouTube Channels.

We are not able to find out which channels have gained the most subscribers throughout the year. Hence, we have taken the channels that have grown in the social community network. Don’t worry, though, since this is also a great pointer of how popular these channels are in the social community. Despite the fact, you should have in mind that this list often changes, so there can be probabilities that some channels on the list may not be the top growing at the moment you are reading this article, but they can still be at the very top, especially, if they maintain on with the excellent performance. So, let’s check those channels that attracted the most interest of viewers!

Now it’s time to take a look at the Top YouTube Channels stats to see which stars, brands, and publishers on YouTube earned the most views in 2017. For the past months, these top ten channels saw just over 7 billion video views, with the top channels claiming more than 1.2 billion viewers.

What were audiences around the world interested in watching in 2017? Often, different shows of music videos and other related videos. Here are the tops, lyrical brands, and stars that landed on 2017 Leaderboard for the most-viewed channels.

2017 is a Great Year for Some Popular Musicians

Viewers around the world showed their interest in music during the past months of 2017 with three of the top ten most-viewed channels coming from musicians or artists. Two of the popular artists have been on the top viewed YouTube channel currently, and the third moved a whopping to eleven positions to land at ninth position.

For beginners, Ed Sheeran has remained on the Most-Viewed YouTube Channels Leaderboard, but this time bumping up one spot to claim the third position. Sheeran also enhanced his view count from around 849 million to just over 950 million overall views. With a strong average engagement rate, Sheeran’s viewer’s growth is probably a holdover from the release of the album Divide, with one of the album’s songs in particular (“Galway Girl”) being released in music video format on Sheeran’s channel in early May. It also makes Sheeran featured on James Corden’s overdue show segment.


Further to Sheeran, artist Luis Fonsi continued to hold a position for YouTube Channel Leaderboard, due to the ongoing fame of his song “Despacito” featuring Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber. For this, though, Luis landed in the fifth position. The musician saw an incredible growth in YouTube views, moving from 680 million in April to almost 798 million in May, a difference of 118 million views. These views also accounted for 99% of Luis’s overall views from across all his social accounts.

Last but not least, Katy Perry landed on YouTube Channel Leaderboard in the 9th position with almost 639 million views. She moved up eleven places to claim this position, thanks to the release of two music videos from her new album Witness. Katy also boasted the highest view count for past month top ten creators at almost 42 million views per video. With her video “Bon Appétit” featuring Migos pushed in the most views in past months with 197 million views.

Out of the remaining seven spots on the top YouTube Leaderboard for most-viewed YouTube channels, three were also music brands, meaning six out of the ten channels on top YouTube Leaderboard were tune-related. A couple of these brands in particular earned statistics worthy of mention:

Brazilian music record Canal KondZilla positioned on sixth YouTube Leaderboard with just over 753 million total views.

Additionally, India’s music and entertainment T-Series, which is one of the popular series of top YouTube channel leaderboards, continued to see high view counts. Cheers to T-series almost 1.8 billion overall views, T-Series landed in the number one position, a position it’s held since September 2016.

Below are the Top YouTube Channels 2017 and Overall Views According to their Position

  • T-Series- viewers 1,186234,242
  • Ryan Toysre -viewers 883,043,117
  • E Sheeran- viewers 750,480,014
  • SET India -viewers 705,530,876
  • Luis Fonsi- viewers 697,715,084
  • Canal Kondzilla- viewers 653,172,300
  • Worldpoint Entertainment -viewers 589,287,076
  • WWE- viewers 554,140,592
  • Katy Perry- viewers 538,793,730
  • Netd muzik- viewers 533,668,086


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