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How Much do YouTubers make?

How Much do YouTubers make? July 27, 2017

It is experimentally proven that users prefer watching a video because of its content. This is because a video carries a lot of message in it in a very short time. The bone of contention now is does a YouTuber earn as much as people say? I’ll make this clear by revealing how much a YouTuber actually earn.

Just like a pay job, for a YouTuber to earn money, he has to devote his time and effort to creating a captivating content. While this is a dream for many, it is also a challenge to others. Making a video is something, promoting it to viewers is another thing. Also getting people to subscribe to your channel isn’t going to be easy but on the long run, it pays. YouTubers earn money by monetizing their channel and associating it with an AdSense account. However, the amount of money YouTubers earn can be attributed to certain things as discussed below.


In Wengie’s video “How much do YouTubers get paid,” she explained that they don’t get paid for “thumbs up,” “likes,” and “subscribers”. YouTubers only ask people to comment and like just for engagement. There is no monetary value attached to it. More emphatically, having a large number of subscribers does not guarantee extra income, it only makes a YouTuber popular.


  • YouTubers get paid per views and not subscribers. This means a YouTuber has to devote time to making videos in order to earn money. Wengie explained in her video that a YouTuber having a couple hundred subscribers with more good videos can earn more than a YouTuber having thousands of subscribers with few videos.
  • The money YouTubers earn monthly varies. A YouTuber can earn half of what he earned in the previous month or more. This depends on the “content” of the video for that month and how “entertaining” or “helpful” the video is.
  • The “category” also affects how much a YouTuber earn. “Beauty is a category that earns better than other categories than those that are in music or gaming.” This is what is referred to as CPM (Cost Per Milli, i.e. cost per 1000 views). YouTubers get 55% of this revenue. The reason beauty earns more is because there are more advertisers in the beauty industry that are willing to pay for Ads online, Wengie said. The CPM rate ranges from $1 – $5, whereas on average it is about $2 according to most sources.
  • When a channel is reputable enough to sell direct Ads, this results in higher CPM for a YouTuber. Earning more doesn’t just depend on how many advertisers a YouTuber gets but on how many of those advertisers will pay for the Ads. This also affects the monthly income.
  • Affiliate links might help a YouTuber get more views which mean more money.
  • Not all of a YouTuber’s videos are monetized. Wengie explained that maybe out of a million views, only 600 thousand is actually monetized. This means YouTubers don’t get paid for people with ad blockers or those that skip ads.
  • Other ways a YouTuber earn more are sponsorships. It then depends on the type of sponsorship, if the deal is accepted or not, and how well a YouTuber or his agency is able to negotiate a sponsorship deal. In the beauty category, a sponsorship campaign can go for $1000 – $5000 depending on how well a YouTuber negotiates.

Should in case you wish to know who Wengie is, Wengie is a beauty category YouTuber with over 7.7 million subscribers on YouTube. There is no definite answer to how much a YouTuber makes or earns.
Most people calculate how much YouTube ers earn by multiplying the amount of views by 1000 and dividing it by the amount of CPM. However, it is untrue because not all videos are monetized and the amount YouTubers make is not fixed.