New York Jets Claims Lucky Whitehead

The New York Jets claims Lucky Whitehead after the Dallas Cowboys placed the WR on waivers.

New York Jets Claims Lucky Whitehead July 27, 2017Leave a comment

Lucky Whitehead is heading up north to New York to play for the Jets.

Whitehead did not stay unemployed for long after being released by the Dallas Cowboys two days ago.

The Cowboys placed Whitehead on waivers after the 25 year old was accused of shop lifting in Virginia. According to reports, Whitehead did attempt to plea his case to Dallas and told the organization he was innocent, however Dallas decided to still part ways from Whitehead.

It was stated that Whitehead told Dallas’ head coach Jason Garret he was not the person who committed the crime. Garret did not believe Whitehead.

Tuesday, reports came out stating Whitehead was in fact misidentified as a shoplifter and Prince William County confirmed this information and apologized. According to ESPN the man arrested for stealing items from Wawa did not have any form of identification on him, but was verbally able to give the name Rodney Darnell Whitehead Jr., in addition to a Social Security number and a birthdate.

After the release of this information, all eyes shifted to Dallas wondering if the billion dollar franchise would reconsider the release. Unfortunately for Whitehead, Dallas stood by its decision and did not overturn the release. However all was not lost for he wide receiver.

Despite the controversial departure, the New York Jets decided to claim Whitehead Wednesday and his new teammates have already started the welcome party.

It’s been speculated that Whitehead’s tweet “17” was a shot at Garrett, which was Dallas’ motto last season that was printed on the team shirts. The motto references the 17-inch wide home plate for all levels of baseball including, Little League, high school, college and pro. Translating that the plate never changes so the expectations should not change either.



Whitehead openly admitted that he was blindsided by Dallas’ decision and felt he was thrown to the wolves.

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