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Is the Samsung S8 Worth it?

A pocket review for the Samsung S8

Is the Samsung S8 Worth it? July 28, 2017Leave a comment

Samsung has done it again – and they have a lot going on for them. With the new Galaxy S8, Samsung has washed their woes with the Note 7 saga.

The featured-packed OS and amazing design not only looks pretty good – its pretty darn good.

Here are 5 reasons why we think that why they are worth buying.


  1. Design

Many agree that Samsung has one of the most understated and sexiest in the industry. The infinity display is simply sublime – slide over the edge subtly and smoothly over the all-glass design- sexy, yes sir!

You don’t like using a case? Good for you, I tip my hat to you. The phone deserve to be felt and admired. I am trying not to make this piece a romance novel, but I’ll tell you, I am tempted.

The S8 comes with a 5.8″ Infinity QHD+ display with a Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB RAM. The S8+, on the other hand, has a bigger display screen – 6.2 Infinity QHD+ display. Try it out, you will enjoy it.


  1. 64GB Storage

Away – Apple’s 32GB storage and the $100 charge for each step in increasing capacity. Samsung gives a convenient and cost effective solution. Everyone gets a 64GB storage with Samsung – a one-route approach – but effective.


  1. Samsung is User Friendly but….

Well there had to be a “but”. I will dig right into it. The fingerprint reader is placed in a terrible position and it’s a button that no one wants to use. The new Bixby Is enjoyable – like Google Assistant. But the fingerprint reader is abysmal and annoying. I hope that they will do a better job with the Galaxy Note 8


  1. Size Options

Samsung has been offering Galaxy and Galaxy Edge series for a while now. The phones are usually the same in terms of looks but differ in battery size and display size. The S8 has a smaller display while the S8+ comes with a larger display – of course, it comes at a price. If you think that the S8 is small, you can get the S8.

There is a $100 price difference, so it would not break the bank. If you are on a payment plan, you are probably looking at a few more $ a month extra – so it is not bad in the grand scheme.

I personally like watching videos and playing games on the S8, it has a more “Immersive” feel to it and is more appealing in my humble opinion.


  1. Camera

12MP Dual Pixel shooter, capable of shooting UHD 4K video, FHD video at 60FPS, and slo-mo video at 240FPS. Pretty snazzy. Samsung has chosen not to bloat their device with excessive software – which we all appreciate. Simply flick the display to go into selfie mode and flick back to go to the back camera mode. If you want to make a video, simply use a dedicated button present at all times. No need to switch between modes. This is a convenient future for an ever-so-lazy Android phone user. This also includes me.


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