Death Ride Claims Life of an 18 years-old, Injuring 7 Others at Ohio Fair!

Beware of these rides. They are not properly engineered.

Death Ride Claims Life of an 18 years-old, Injuring 7 Others at Ohio Fair! July 28, 2017Leave a comment

On Wednesday night, a spinning ride at a Ohio Fair malfunctioned, while spinning midair, throwing riders off, killing one teenager and injuring 7 others in the process.
One person died on spot while five were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The riders were thrown off from Fire Ball Ride on wednesday night. Firefighters were called in at 7:20pm, Columbia Division Fire Battalion Chief Steve Martin said.

The Ohio State Highway Police identified the dead boy as the 18 years old Tylor Jarrell of Columbus, a recent high school graduate who was the first to have been enlisted from the school as a Marine Recruit, as was stated by the Marine Corps Recruiting of South Columbus, Ohio.

Two other persons were also injured but were stable. Dr. David Evans of Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center said that the patients were supposed to at least stay at the center for a week. Most of their injuries were fractures and concussions, like the ones you might get while high-speedhigh speed car crash.

There’s a graphic video available which shows the riders being thrown mid air. According to the manufacturers, the ride is supposed to swing 40 Feet high, spinning at 13 Revolutions per minute.

Ohio Governor John Kasich ordered for a transparent investigation and got emotional while making his address. He ordered all the rides to be closed until a safety check could be completed.

“You know, the fair’s about the best things in life, and then tonight with this accident it becomes a terrible, terrible tragedy,” further adding,

“Of course we want to get to the bottom of this, not only because we’re concerned about the situation in the Buckeye State, but there may be things that can be learned that help people in other states,”.

Ohio State Fair also issued a statement, “Hearts Are Heavy”, further stating that the fair would open on Thursday 9 am, although the rides would remain closed until they are inspected.

Michael Vartorella, Chief Inspector of Ohio theme park rides said that the Fireball was inspected and approved by the state inspectors and was set up after the safety.

Wednesday was the opening day of the fair and tens of thousands of visitors were anticipated by the organizers until it’s closing on 6th August.

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