The Simpsons Did Not Accept the Option for a Trump Guest Appearance

Trump never got to go yellow!

The Simpsons Did Not Accept the Option for a Trump Guest Appearance July 28, 2017Leave a comment

The Simpsons is a television show that has been running strong for well over 20 years. The number of seasons that they sport is more than likely heftier than your age (if you’re under 25 or 26, this still rings true), it’s a cartoon that a lot of us grew up enjoying. If you were a fan of The Simpsons growing up, or even still happen to be, you know that they constantly have guest appearances from celebrities and other notable characters. 50 Cent is the perfect example, as he made an appearance on an episode that had Bart going through his “hip-hop phase”. If you can conjure up a plot to be used in cartoons, The Simpsons have more than likely already dipped their toes into that pool of ideas. The sheer number of episodes that they’ve created is an example of how dedicated the team has been to creating the show, as well as how consistent they can be. When there is an opportunity to have the president on the show, odds are that they’re going to go through with it – I can almost guarantee you that they would have let Obama on in a heartbeat.

However, when it comes to Donald Trump, we all have different opinions. Some of us feel like he truly is the worst President to ever grace our land in a long time, and there are many reasons to believe that; the fact that a producer from The Simpsons stated that they didn’t accept the option to have Trump make a guest appearance speaks volumes to the situation. When you are the President and still happened to be disliked by the majority of the country you’re running, it’s got to be a rare feat – unless you count all of the old-time Presidents who had KKK ties (they’re out there, trust me).

The executive producer of the show, who is named Al Jean, was at Comic-Con this past weekend and had a lot to say about the new stuff coming. When he was asked whether they had turned down a celebrity guest or not, Al Jean stated that “Let’s just say he’s the President of the United States,”. This doesn’t mean that he was the President at the time of this refusal, because as most of us know, Donald Trump is a public figure that has been on television and in mainstream media for a long time. Most of us could have never fathomed allowing someone like this into the White House – but we did. Even people that voted for him are second-guessing themselves, but of course, there will always be the stubborn ones that simply lay down in their bed of fire. Bill Oakley, who is also a former writer for The Simpsons, tweeted out that he was happy Trump never made an appearance. He said: “I continue to thank God that Donald Trump was never invited to do a voice on The Simpsons even during the brief period when he was popular,”.

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