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Fedora is Back!

Christian Dior Brings back this Exiled Fashion Accessory

A Fedora is a hat with a very soft brim and its crown is indented. It is characteristically creased along the length of the crown and slightly pinched near the front or on both sides.

Fedoras have many variations some can be created by creasing teardrop crowns, diamond shaped crowns and centered crown including many other variations. The typical crown height is 11 cm.

The term fedora was used as early as 1891, the popularity of this hat went up to soaring heights and it also over-shadowed the similar looking homburg.

There are many materials that can be used to make Fedoras as in Wool, Cashmere, Rabbit or beaver felt. The felt is also blended with each other and other fibers from mink or chinchilla. Luxurious hair is also used from vicuna, cervelt, or mohair.

Many other types of materials are employed to manufacture fedoras like straw, cotton, linen, leather and not to mention plastic.

Several Fedoras have a relatively wider brim. The ones with smaller brims are called trilbies.

The artistic director of Christian Dior Maria Grazia Chiuri, resurrected Fedora from the dead, with its storied history.

She saved the Fedora from laid to rest alongwith acid washed jeans and popcorn shirts. Her AW17 Dior Couture show in Paris the designer magnificently showcased the Fedora which screamed ‘Never say Die”.

Our job is to investigate further and give you the details.

There are many celebrities that wore fedora absolutely flawlessly like Justin Timberlake. The wide-brimmed Fedora is more widely accepted and the short one was put to rest in 2008 by Reddit and 4Chan as their signature style accessory.

As mentioned above only Justin Timberlake was brave enough to keep on wearing Fedora on various occasions like the VMAs with Brittany Spears in matching denim outfits that many celebrities have replicated with their Baes.

Since Justin has limited the usage of fedoras onstage only. These days’ fedoras can be seen on #TBT pictures of babies in various photoshoots, Kevin Federline and the most dapper celebrities like Bruno Mars, Janelle Monae and usually who doesn’t want to wear a snapback while avoiding the paparazzi.

To revive the headgear back, Dior has featured the fedora in its most typical environment. Dior depicted fedora in 1930s detective look. Grayscale runway, wool coats and demure woolen hats.

It screamed “Fedora’s back baby!”

Agatha Christie would be so proud of this revival.

Fedoras was not the only fashion accessory Dior showcased. The luxurious silk shawls were also delicately depicted to avoid them looking suitable only for elderly women. This is not the case though, with Dior you know what they can do with one accessory.

The signature silk shawl was styled with Dior’s monogram combination of a sheer dress with underwear, of course. It is wedding season but I might be wrong. If none of the above mentioned reasons are enough for you to endorse Fedoras, then I guess one thing might convince you that the famous Ri Ri is also wearing Fedoras and literally rocking it all over the media.






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