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Trumpcare Fails

Obamacare receives Presidential sabotage

“Let Obamacare implode, then deal,” was a tweet by Trump that followed a conscious reaction to the downfall of the GOP repeal-and-replace push. Trump has vowed to sabotage the Affordable Care Act. The administration undermined the law and forced Democrats to negotiate – not knowing the end goal – but we know that he is and will continue the sabotage, the only reason anyone can come up with is – spite and sheer anger.

Trump has no idea how the ACA works or has shown any visible results when it comes to improving the American health-care system. He openly said that he would sign anything the Republicans would put in front of him. He wanted to use Barack Obama’s achievement as his own.

The “skinny repeal” bit is in ruins – meaning that Trump has not fortified an opening for himself. Sen. John McCain casted the final blow with his vote against the bill. But there were other Senators opposing the bill, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski sealed the fate of this bill.

Trump said that three republicans and all of the Democrats had let the American people down. The rejection of this bill is good news for America and for aging citizens who have gained benefit from the ACA’s coverage.

The threat to the ACA, created by Trump, will hurt more Americans. The administration has many tools to hurt the ACA and the individual markets.

Only Trump Knows

We don’t know if Trump will follow these threats or not, but he is openly hurting the American health-care system – he stated that this is one of his goals. Perhaps Trump had not articulated the end-result, perhaps he is too ignorant. . His end goal is for the Democrats to capitulate to him in a subtle way.

However, there might be another way. Trump and the Republicans have to understand and accept one thing: that the positive change spread by the ACA has effected millions of lives. The Trump administration has to build an idea revolving around this thought.  The goal of the ACA was to make American like just and humane – and it did so. Trump has to realize that he cannot just destroy a wonderful solution that has helped millions, just because he thinks it’s not right…Well, that argument is not good enough.

According to Greg Sargent of the Washington Post. “The Medicaid expansion has expanded coverage to millions of poor people, many of whom no doubt never had coverage in their lives, and many deep in the heart of Trump country. The exchanges, for all their problems, have helped extend coverage to millions more, particularly people with preexisting conditions, who can now get robust insurance packages, and lower-income people who can now get coverage with the help of subsidies.”

The sabotage effort by Trump overlays the focus of many congressional Republicans . Many Republicans had genuine concerns about the ACA. They believed that the expansion of the ACA was not worth the benefits. These beliefs were held with sincerity as their Sherpa, unlike Trump.



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