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Study: Higher followers on Instagram means more matches on Tinder.

Study: Higher followers on Instagram means more matches on Tinder. July 28, 2017Leave a comment

Can having a large following on Instagram increase your chances of getting a hook up
on Tinder? A recent study into the effects that your standing on other social media
accounts has on your Tinder success, concluded that having a large following on an
Instagram account increased your match rate by nearly 80% on the Tinder app.

Tinder, the first swiping dating app, was launched in 2012 and by 2014, it was
registering about one billion “swipes” per day. Its users employ a swiping motion to
choose photos of other users, swiping right for potentially “good matches” and swiping
left on a photo to move to the next one… With the rising popularity of Tinder, it is
becoming harder for users to get attention, so how can you increase your chances that
someone will want to connect with you on Tinder?

According to this study, it is as simple as increasing your following on Instagram.

Like any other dating app, the tinder app uses GPS location and then with the help of
information on Facebook, creates your profile. The information included on your Tinder
Profile includes your first name, age, pictures, and the recent page likes. After an
update, education and occupation can be added in the bio too, and now with
Instagram integration, users can now see other users Instagram profiles and photos.
Tinder relies on what is shared in common between users, and matches are displayed
in the form of a list.


Since Instagram allows one to connect to the Tinder, “higher follower count”, an
Instagram account can significantly affect your Tinder match rate. According to this
recent study by Rantic.com the comparison is as follows:

Rantic.com is a notorious platform for buying Followers on Instagram, known for their
unique marketing strategies and viral campaigns that caught the attention of almost
every major news publication on the web. They have reached tens of millions of users
online through their viral campaigns, and they have unique software and data that
allows them to pull this sort of information. These are the results they gathered after
running a survey with nearly 700 Tinder users, which ultimately discovered that users
online dating experience benefited positively from increasing their Instagram following.
The results of the study proved that when follower count went beyond 50,000 on
Instagram, the match rate succeeded up to 80% higher than accounts with
significantly less followers.

So the science is settled. Apparently if you want to get laid, you should buy Instagram
followers from Rantic.com.


Source for the study: Significant increase in Tinder matches after boosting Instagram followers


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