YouTube Traffic Court Video is Cringe Performance Art

YouTube Traffic Court Video is Cringe Performance Art July 28, 2017Leave a comment

You can also view the video on YouTube by clicking here.

We’ve all witnessed embarrassing moments while out at public venues but usually these are expected and sometime uncontrolled events so you have to give people the benefit of the doubt that life is just life sometimes. What about if you bring cringe with you to the courtroom, however, and not only that but for something as simple as a speeding ticket? Most of us would just rather get it over with but that’s not the attitude Renee took as you will see. In the above cringe af video, you will see Renee and her friend/legal representative Derrick/Gary (not sure which due to audio issues) in a speeding ticket trial in Petersborough district court in Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

Immediately, Renee’s friend is dismissed by the judge after the prosecuting attorney confirms he has no notice of legal representation being filed by Renee prior to the trial date, so who knows what Gary/Derrick thought was going to happen. When explaining his professional background, Gary/Derrick cites his familiarity with the court system and its procedures. Also, Renee asked him for help. The judge then explains to all gathered that there are certain rules for having someone represent you in court, much to the embarrassment of Gary/Derrick who is apparently already familiar with said rules.

Renee then undercuts her friend by saying, “I don’t have him represent me…like he said…Just standby council…I plan on asking the questions myself.” And ask questions she does. After a rather formulaic approach to establishing the charge and its corresponding evidence and how that evidence confirms it, Renee then follows the prosecuting attorney with her own questions for the officer that issued her the speeding ticket. In an odd, rambling, and at times breathtakingly awesome in its directionless performance, Renee’s questions do not disestablish her guilt and, in some ways, help reinforce it.

Not only did the judge have to clarify her questions for her at several points in her interrogation of the officer, but also had to continually verify unrelated minutiae of the case as well as answer questions extraneous to the case such as, “Were there any victims to my crime?” or “Was I the only person on the road that night?” Real gems, those two. Her rationalization that her speeding down the street did not have a victim and thus was not a crime was interesting to behold. “Did someone call to complain [about my driving]?” and “Was I driving erratically or unsafely?” to which the officer again said, “You were speeding.” It is almost as if Renee does not know what a speeding violation entails.

She ends this proclamation only for the officer to respond, “But you were speeding.” to which she says, “Alright.” After this performance, the judge imposes a fine in a conclusion few anticipated. Renee then argues instead for community service but, after confirming she is currently employed, the judge does not offer her this option. Renee and Derrick/Gary then leave the courtroom with yet another case under their belts.

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