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How to Dress like a Billionaire?

How to Dress like a Billionaire? July 29, 2017Leave a comment

Billionaires are inspiration to many people and their lifestyle fascinates everyone. They reach at that helm after the struggle of many years and want to show significant improvement both in their attitude and attires. Some opt for lavish lifestyle while a few prefer to stay simple. An Indian stylist of many billionaires, Yatan Ahluwalia, emphasizes on the need of change in looks, clothes, and words. Here, we are going to mention some tips to dress up like a billionaire.

  1. They Don’t Follow Trends Blindly

These are the people who make a distinct position on their own. They follow their own rules and never run after every trend. Fashion is important for them but becoming a fashion statement is more important. Most of billionaires prefer to maintain a unique style which supports their personality and make them different from the rest.

  1. Special Casual Attire

We usually see billionaires suited booted and think that it’s their sole way to dressed up. It’s not true at all and Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel is the best example of it. He never forgets style and class when he is off duty and you can see him in expensive t-shirt, crewneck sweater, and white sneakers.

  1. Day Job Outfit

Take special care in choosing a day job outfit as it’s the time when you meet different people and sign your major contracts. A well-tailored suit for men and classic black pencil skirt with silk blouse for women are the best options. Blue, black, and white are the recommended colors for workplace.

  1. Invest in Expensive Shoes

Shoes play vital role in dressing and ignoring them can prove fatal for your style. Invest in expensive shoes and buy shoes which give you comfort and style. Tom Ford Diamond shoes which are owned by Nick Cannon are best for party and clubbing while Stefano Bemer shoes meet the needs of office.

  1. Never Ignore Belts

Belt is not just meant to keep your pants up. It plays an important role in your style. Never wear brown belt with black shoes and always shoes belt with simple buckles. Experts suggest to opt for the same color for belt, shoes, wallet, and carry case top bring a synchronization in your personality.

Billionaire’s lifestyles don’t revolve around the lavish things only. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are the best examples of simplicity who wear everything with confidence.

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