Freakiest things You hear Can Hear Kids Say

Kids are cute but sometimes they can be really scary with their acts.

Freakiest things You hear Can Hear Kids Say July 29, 2017Leave a comment

Kids are pretty amazing creatures, but at the same time, they can be pretty scary too.

They say some stuff which is creepy enough and hard to believe. But anyways, kids are kids and they say what they want.

My four-year-old niece once said ‘Your eyes are too pretty, can I have one of them?’ Isn’t that creepy?

Similarly, kids can say some super weird stuff which includes talking about demons, vampires and other stuff which doesn’t even exist. You can expect a kid to talk about someone who is dead, they can literally tell you a story about them which will blow your head.

There are kids who talk about other family, things they did with them when they were ‘Kids’ (according to them). Now, you will start wondering about which other ‘Family’ they’re talking about, but stop wondering, because THEY ARE KIDS and they have strength to surprise you like no one else.

A girl who was babysitting a four-year kid, told a strange story. The 4 year old asked her to ‘Play dead’ with her. Like she would ask her maid to drag her dead body around the house and hold her breath if she didn’t do this. The maid never did babysitting for that girl again.

This is just one case. Kids often see super weird things in their dreams. Like, you can expect a kid waking up in mid of night screaming ‘I SAW HER, I SAW HER.’ Or ‘THE MAN IS IN THE CORNER’ Or ‘THE DEMONS ARE HERE TO KILL US’. If you are unaware of such cases, you can visit a daycare Centre anytime. You will get to know a lot of kids like this.

So yes, next time, if you see a kid talking about some weird things, don’t get surprised, Kids are kids anyways!

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