This Woman was Caugh Smuggling 102 iPhones and Still She didn’t Break the Record!

Read the article for the record!

This Woman was Caugh Smuggling 102 iPhones and Still She didn’t Break the Record! July 29, 2017Leave a comment

Ever heard of this word ‘smuggling’?

Well, if you don’t know much about this word, you’re definitely going to understand the meaning of this after reading this article.

A chinese woman caught red handed while smuggling 102 i-Phones!

Yes, this happened. I shit you not.

Smuggling 102 i-Phones on an international airport is a bad idea, and its even worse if you are just simply taping them with your body. (Well this shows the mind behind this planning wasn’t experienced)

Apparently, this smuggling attempt is common at Shenzhen airport.

The woman did a big mistake of hiding these phones under her clothes. The suspicion took birth when officials saw her wearing a cardigan over her clothes in such a warm weather. She had an awkward bulky appearance at her upper body, her arms and legs were comparatively slim. This made the suspicion stronger.

A full-body search of her body revealed 102 i-Phones that were simply taped to her body. The woman was carrying a weight of 40 extra pounds over her original weight.

If it didn’t give the birth to the curiosity of the officials, then the clear sheer bloated appearance of her torso was enough to tick the officials.

Photos of smuggler showed the phones of a vast variety, having different models and colors, they are surely having a worth of thousands of dollars. The chances are strong that this woman is having a massive mafia behind her who was helping her. But still, whoever this mafia is, surely having no idea of smuggling.

The most surprising thing is, this attempt of smuggling doesn’t hold a record for the most smuggled phones caught at Shenzhen. While she beat the guy caught with 94 iPhone back in 2015, the “record” belongs to a man arrested in the same year, who was taking 146 iPhone strapped to his body!


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