Must Visit Places in the US this Summer

Asheville, Western Washington, Lincoln, Low Desert, Flathead Valley

Must Visit Places in the US this Summer July 30, 2017Leave a comment

1. Asheville, North Carolina

2017 sees one of the USA’s most diverse and original small cities step definitely into the national limelight. Asheville welcomes everyone with arms wide open and has been quietly developing as a sanctuary for inspired spirits for ages. More than 200 artistes showcase their work in the River Arts District and the astounding number of craft beers and spirits manufactured locally go really nicely with the food served up by the city’s abundant James Beard-nominated chefs. The French Broad River proposes a break from the concrete jungle, really works well if you want to float, paddle, or kayak away from society and the lush setting for all of these delights for you to enjoy, the Blue Ridge Mountains, are just the perfect feature to be explored.

2. Western Washington

The area’s hazy peaks and timeless woodlands are set to welcome a new group of travelers in 2017; David Lynch admirers will be able to explore filming sites in the little settlements of Snoqualmie and North Bend, as well as use the area as a foundation for various other Washingtonian exquisite spots such as Mt Rainier National Park or the farm-to-table eateries of the San Juan Islands. Temporarily, new ethnic trends are enticing individuals to Seattle as it drives the visitors in with emerging pot shops, creative micro-distilleries and an increasing fondness for craft cider.

3. Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln pops up in the middle of a sea of grassland and corn, presenting a patch of unpredicted finesse. Take downtown’s Haymarket District as an example, where century-old brick barns hold contemporary art galleries jazzy specialty shops (like Licorice International, the USA’s biggest chewy candy shop) and a huge Saturday farmers’ market. The University of Nebraska’s homes 25,000 students who lend a fresh aura to the area, cycling the city’s 130 miles of trails and partying in its live music clubs. Societies of Vietnamese, Sudanese and other ethnicities also add to the diversity, thanks to Lincoln’s long history of relocating immigrants.

4. California’s Low Desert

The Coachella Valley’ always has been hot in the seep end of the California’s desert. These days it is somewhat hot and cold.
A mid-century and relatively modern flavor lights up Palm Springs. It is valley’s main town is loaded with new hotels, beautifully restored rental homes, modernism festivals and exquisite vintage stores. These stores offer vintage items in quite less the price that you might expect.

Nearby Joshua Tree National Park, Hikers and rock climbers explore the wild landscapes or enjoy the top of Palm Springs Aerial Tram.
Then there is famous music festival Coachella that you might have seen celebrities dress up in Coachella flavor.
There is the colorful salvation Mountain which is a patchwork-painted series of hills rising from the desert bed.

5. Montana’s Flathead Valley

Enormous Sky, gigantic mountains, grizzly bears. This massive territory of northwestern Montana is just west of the Continental Divide and magnificent Glacier National Park represents ‘the Wild Wild West’ in all its magnificence. Hiking through fields of wildflowers to blue lakes, landscaped by glacial peaks, is backcountry heaven.

Doesn’t matter which season you decide to visit the town of Whitefish is extremely rustic and quite welcoming of hikers and bikers.

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