Strangest findings that will bugle your mind

Strangest findings that will bugle your mind August 1, 2017Leave a comment

The history of the planet is full of unbelievable mysteries. Despite the fact that archaeologists and scientists are working hard to figure everything out, we know very little about the past. We are a species with amnesia. From South America to Asia, there have been many findings of “things” that question our beliefs, society, and competencies.

How will you feel when you have lots of questions than answers? Are you perplexed or chaotic? Are you frustrated or anxious as you try to discover new pieces of truth? The fact is, there are some things in the world that can never be fully explained.

Lots of findings have been made throughout history that doesn’t make sense, leaving archaeologists, scientists and other experts with lots of questions than answers. These strange findings aren’t limited to one area as they span everywhere from the United States to the other part of the world and include everything from ancient artifacts, alien objects, memorials and much more to be discovered.

So what are some of the strange things that have been found? What answers are left uncovered and what are the theories surrounding this founding? We found some of the strangest things ever found on Earth that truly show how the world of archeology can be frustrating, enlightening and hypnotic all at the same time. Relax back and enjoy while we review all of the founding’s!

The Gate of the Sun

The Gate of the Sun is a megalithic solid stone arch or gateway located in Tiwanaku, a mysterious ancient city located in Bolivia. Archaeologists believe that the old city was the center of a gigantic empire during the first-millennium era. Even currently researchers have not figure out the purpose of some of the artwork that is treasured in the monuments of the ancient city. Some experts believe these depictions have a significant astrological and astronomical meaning.


The underwater city of Yonaguni – Japan

This fantastic underwater city was discovered accidentally by scuba instructor Khachiro Arataki. The discovery of this ancient city is one of the most important underwater founding in recent years. The founding of the Yonaguni complex has questioned several scientific questions. The amazing carved rock sank about 10,000 years ago, much before the Ancient Pyramids built in Egypt. Mainstream archaeology and science state that 10,000 years ago, humankind was not able to construct such a city.


Stone Age Tunnels

It seems that archaeologists indeed seem to discover the strangest things. In June 2013, a group of archeologists found lots of connecting tunnels throughout Europe that prolonged all the way from Scotland to Turkey.

While most of the tunnels were barely large enough to pass through, they featured waiting areas where the passerby could rest and store items. With odd discoveries like these tunnels, there has been much theory as to why they were built. Some believe that the tunnels were used to ease travel during harsh conditions outside while others believe it was a practical way to hide from enemies.


The Mount Owen Moa

If by any means saw a Moa, there’s no need to worry – no one currently alive on Earth has either! The Moa is a large group of nine different bird species from New Zealand that has no wing and unable to fly. Researchers have found that the Moa was actually over 10 feet tall and weighed about 500 pounds.

Almost 2000 years ago, archeologists found a great surprise during a 1986 archeological search that led to the founding of a Moa claw in a cave. Far from just a bone, the scientists discovered that all form of the claw was still undamaged, which is vastly different from the typically preserved bodies found from ancient cultures. With over 60,000 known Moa in the province, there’s plenty more to discover of this exquisitely strange and peculiar creature!


14 million-year-old vehicle tracks

According to new researchers from Russian Geologists, these mysterious tracks are at least 14 million old and were left behind by “vehicles” that belonged to a currently “unknown ancient civilization” that inhabited the planet in the past. Most researchers believe that this not the first society to rule over this world. Many others existed in the past. According to Dr. Koltypin and other archaeologists and experts which have adopted new methods of thinking these ancient “tracks” are one of the best-preserved pieces of evidence which undoubtedly prove the existence of highly advanced historical civilizations that inhabited the planet in the past.

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