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These are the animals that you have never heard of

These are the animals that you have never heard of August 1, 2017Leave a comment

Written in this post are some collections of bizarre (sea and land) animals that we hope most people may have never heard of.

Nosy monkey

This proboscis monkey is found in Borneo and is known for its long nose.



The Blue-footed Booby

The blue-footed booby is found in the islands surrounding of the Pacific Ocean, the blue-footed boobie’s bright feet are a sexually selected characteristic.


The Tufted Deer

This species of deer is found in central China, and notable for its tuft of dark hair on the foreheads. Funny enough, one would think they might be known for their huge Dracula fangs.


The Pink Fairy Armadillo

With its shielded head and torso, this 4-inch fairy pink armadillo uses its crazy claws to swim just below the sand surface.


The Male and Female Butterfly

This male and the female, the white butterfly is a bilateral gynandromorphy, which means one half of its body is male, the other female.


The Fossa

Just like a small cougar, the fossa is the largest carnivorous animal on the island of Madagascar. Their retractable claws permit them to climb up trees and just as in the land run back down them head-down.


The Vampire Deer

This Chinese water deer are harmless but have been nicknamed ‘vampire deer’ due to their vampire-like fangs.


The Poisonous sea slugs

This colorful-but-poisonous kind of sea slug, grow up to 50mm in length and is mainly found in tropical oceans region.


Angel Shark

This aquatic species have unusually flat bodies, which allow them to dig themselves in the seabed to trap for prey.



The gerenuk is a long-necked species of antelope, also known as the Waller’s Gazelle, is found in East Africa. Their long legs and necks enable them to reach higher branches for food. They also allow them incredibly cute.


Naked Mole Rat

For as ugly as they look, the Naked Mole Rat is pretty unbelievable. Their lifespan is 28 years, which is unequaled among other similar animals, and there maintain fertility for almost the entire life. They are mostly used in the research of cancer and aging studies since they are born looking like that and barely age at all. All these unusual characteristics might make up for the fact that this mole animal is not the prettiest creature on earth.


Smallest rodent in the world

This three-toed pygmy jerboa is the joint smallest rodent on earth, alongside the African pygmy mouse. It can never be found anywhere outside Pakistan.


Alarm Jellyfish

This jellyfish is bioluminescent and produces a sequence of flashes when attacked – making it have the nickname ‘alarm jellyfish.’


Crocodile fish

This Black-fin ice fish also known as Crocodile fish has natural antifreeze in its blood that allows it survived in the freezing oceans around Antarctica. It has no red blood cells, which explains its bright appearance, and it requires little oxygen.


Squid with teeth

This sulcus is a rare squid sea species which appears to have human-like teeth – although they are actually just flaps of skin.

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