Chemical Burns caused by Glittery iPhone Cases

One User Scarred Permanently by using Victoria’s Secret Glittery iPhone Case  

Chemical Burns caused by Glittery iPhone Cases August 2, 2017Leave a comment


Today marks the saddest day of history for all glitter phone case lovers. 200,000 iPhone cases or perhaps more have been recalled in the USA, Mexico and Canada. It was reported that the chemical leaked on people and caused burns, blisters and severe irritation.

Major retailers including Amazon, Henri Bendel, Tory Burch, Nordstrom Rack and Victoria Secret themselves sold these phone cases for iPhone 6, 6S and 7. These cases were also sold at VS’s Website. These cases are manufactured by MixBin.

Till now 24 cases of burns or irritation have been reported throughout the world. They include 19 that were reported in the US. One person was permanently scarred from the burn. Another person reported that the chemical burns caused her body to swell from leg, face, chest, upper body to hands.

MixBin has released a list of the iPhone cases that might have caused the burns you can find it here

The company has suggested the users to refer to the original packaging to make sure whether they are in the affected list or not. Let’s be honest, who keeps the packing of such small item. It is always better to swap your case before it causes chemical burn.

The company is offering full refunds of the purchased I Phone cases. In case anyone’s wondering.


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