5 ways to Differentiate between Original and Fake Products

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5 ways to Differentiate between Original and Fake Products August 4, 2017Leave a comment

In the today’s age, technology has evolved and developed the ways to update intellectual property security. A few years back, it was really easy for hackers and scammers to copy anything, and I can tell you a few cases where replica or fake product was released in the market before the release of the original product.

But as you know, you can never solve hundred percent problems, so scammers are still able to make and manufacture the exact same copies of the original.

It’s pretty alright if you are buying copies and not buying originals, people often do that. Public goes for the thing that is cheap, or of low price. So you will find number of people buying pirated novels and replicas for designer dresses, but the issue is

They put a tag of ‘Original’ on pirated things, and sell them.

Which is pretty irritating because when you’re paying for a thing with your hopes high, and it is not what you want. A report was published by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office to survey fake products and fake items producers in the world.

According to this report, the most pirated item was footwear followed by other obvious items like clothing, leather goods, and gadgets. 

The fake products are sometimes resembling the original product, so here are some ways through which you can differentiate between fake and original products, and will save your money, health and in some cases, your life too.

  1. The most often instance when a fake problem arises is during the purchase of Designer’s back. Take Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags as example. These two are often made victim for fake branding. For prevention always check the centered logo of CC present on the bag, which will overlap each other at a central point in genuine cases, otherwise, it can be regarded as fake.
  2. You can also check the straps of the bag which should be straightened and stitched in genuine cases.
  3. The Same problem can arise while reading and scrolling through daily news. To avoid the fake news, always consider to find the source behind it and try to confirm whether it is a reliable source or not, or whether you or anyone else have ever heard about it.
  4. Some online news websites also use fake logo similar to the original news websites. So always try to compare the sites url and logos with the original ones.
  5. Whenever purchasing electronic products, always check whether it has more than one safety certifications by a legal manufacturer.

Here you go!

Now, be careful while shopping!

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