This Environmentalist Artist Raised Climate Change Awareness in a Unique Way

This is amazing work!

This Environmentalist Artist Raised Climate Change Awareness in a Unique Way August 4, 2017Leave a comment

Recently, an environmental activist and artist installed literally two giant hands emerging from the water at Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. The prerogative behind the Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn’s hands statue titled “Support” is to raise awareness regarding climate change and its impact. Specifically the rising levels of water in the historic city.

Lorenzo took to instagram to voice his concern and spread the word.

The current mean water level in the city have risen up to 25 centimeters from the reference 0 level. This change in the water level is causing chronic deterioration and permanent damage to the city’s buildings and structures.

The conditions are going to get worse with time if ample action is not taken against the ruin of city. It is roughly estimated that by 2100, the mean water level is going to rise above 50 centimeters from the reference 0, causing irreparable damage.

A lot of organizations are working towards the conservation of the city bursting with heritage. Especially displaying the influences of Byzantine and Turkish rules over it. Though the most prominent protection programme against flooding is taken up by Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico MOSE. They are taking the initiative to protect the city and its lagoon from tides ranging upto 3 meters high.

The Support sculpture is not only for the visual purposes. It also means support that the city needs while holding such prominence in the world.

Lorenzo was quoted as saying;

“The sculpture wants to speak to the people in a clear, simple, and direct way through the innocent hands of a child and it evokes a powerful message that united we can make a stand to curb the climate change that affects us all. We must all collectively think of how we can protect our planet and by doing that, we can protect our national heritage sites”

The Halcyon Gallery is showcasing Lorenzo’s work while the artist is using social media as an awareness platform.

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