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How Reddit Helped The World

How Reddit Helped The World August 5, 2017Leave a comment

How Reddit Help the world, has been a topic of interest that widely discourses on online social media and other social groups. The site was started in 2005 by two fresh University of Virginia graduates, Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman. Reddit’s visitor traffic was so feeble at first that the founders spent hours posting content under a variety of fake names. But the story is different today, as Reddit has help humanity in diverse ways. Billow are some of the ways Reddit has helped and saved the world.


  1.  Saved a Pregnant Woman

A pregnant woman who was saved from what could have been a dangerous situation.·                     it’s a platform she says saved her from what could’ve been a terrible fate, said the 29 years old woman. On the advice of commenters on subreddit, the pregnant woman and her unborn child were saved. The situation might have turn out bad.


  1. “Good Without God”

Redditors will always say, they do not have a point to prove, but when they launched a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders last fall, their strong point of call was: “Good Without God.” Reddit’s atheists raised more than $212,000 for the medical charity, proving godlessness and altruism can coexist. This is a great way of how Reddit help the world.


  1. The gift of learning

Reddit’s latest fundraising drive has already collected more than $24,000 to buy books for school kids. It’s the first big fundraising drive since Reddit acquired Reddit gifts and a sign of things to come. Ninth-grade English teacher Mrs. McGillem, who helped inspire the drive. “My students checked my DonorsChoose page recently and were joyful to see the progress toward the goal amount,” she wrote,  “They can’t wait to have these titles!”. This is a proof that in did Reddit has really helped the world


  1. Defending the weak

Another noble help from Reddit was how a great help was rendered to Kathleen Edward who was dying from Huntington’s disease. That didn’t stop her neighbors from harassing the 7-year-old mercilessly and mocking her on Facebook. But Reddit had her back. The site paid for a shopping spree for her at a local toy store (owned by a Redditor). When she was finished, she posed for a picture, holding a handwritten sign reading, “THANK YOU, REDDIT”


  1. Hope for Haiti

In 2009, Reddit held a friendly fundraising competition with its biggest competitor, Digg. The earthquake in Haiti that had left thousands dead and many more injured and homeless. This creates the motivation for the charity. Redditors raised more than $180,000 for the relief efforts. This is another proving fact that Reddit has helped the world.


  1. The Rally to Restore Sanity

In the 2010 rally in Washington, Redditors played a huge role in helping Comedy Central’s fake-news kings blow past their fundraising goal—to the tune of more than $600,000. It was a watershed moment for Reddit and put the site in the spotlight.


  1. The Great Wall of Reddit

Anthony Omari was a victim when thieves raided the Faraja Children’s Home in Kenya. He sustained a machete wound to the face. So redditor TheLake posted a photograph of Omari, with a puckered scar from the wound clearly visible with a simple request: Would Reddit pitch in to build a wall? The orphanage needed just $2,000. Reddit gave $100,000. The children are now protected by a concrete wall with a barbed-wire tip, and the orphanage has formed a lasting relationship with Reddit.

Reddit has been rendering help to the world and is still helping. It will be a great joy if you can join hands with Reddit, to provide more help to those in need.


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