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Attention: Calling all Game of Thrones Fans!

This season will hold the shortest and longest episode ever, Should we expect romance brewing?

Attention: Calling all Game of Thrones Fans! August 5, 2017Leave a comment

“The Spoils of War” will be setting a new record for HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones that everyone has been raving about since its release.

This episode airs on Sunday and will be the shortest episode in the history of this drama based on the novel of George R.R. Martin.

Fourth episode of this season which is 7th will have running time of 50 minutes. Each of the first three episodes lasted about 60 minutes or a few minutes over. For those who are disappointed over the fact they’ll be missing about 10 minutes from their fave drama, they will be more than happy to know that form next episode the runtime will return to 50-minutes.

Seasons 7 is unique in two ways, it holds the shortest and longest episode all in one season.

Showrunner David Benioff said, before airing the 7th season that one episode will be their longest episode every, it will span over 90 minutes—the nerd in me, says “Yaaay!”

Another episode will be the shortest ever and it will be 50 minutes.

The longest episode since the start was “The Winds of Winter”, this episode had a runtime of 69 minutes.

What else is happening in Game of Thrones?

Where wars brews romance blooms, this episode could suggest the calm before the storm. A war might be looming. Where and when? You have to watch to find out.

What HBO has done to engage its fan is to adopt the perfect tactic, they released the first photos from the episode “The Spoils of War”, in those photos the key characters can be seen planning their next moves.

One intimidating photos shows Queen Cersei standing tall over that gigantic map. You might think that Sansa would be happy to be reunited with one of her family members but it is not the case, her photo is extremely worrisome.

Daenerys has her close companions and allies on each of her sides in one pictures. In another snap she looks a bit concerned in the middle of a conversation. It is a possibility that it is a sort of tense conversation or she has just heard some bad news.

She knows she is just facing the last part of a long and difficult journey in the battle of Westeros. She also knows that there are still very serious obstacles she has to overcome.

On the analysis of another picture, it appears that heartthrob and Bastard Son of Eddard Stark, Kit Harington is already leaving Dragonstone.

While Jon and Dany’s first meeting didn’t go as well as expected, you can feel the tension in the scene, one star thinks it went quite well.

‘Game of Thrones’ Star analyzes Jon and Dany’s First Meeting

 The fans of GOT have been yearning for Dany and Jon’s meeting, they got exactly that in episode three of Season 7. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen were shown in the same room. The epic set is to die for and Emilia for sure knows how to sit on an uncomfortable throne.


The conversation between them is not exactly the warm kind, Canleth Hill who is Lord Varys thinks that it could have been much worse.

Hill also said that Jon Snow and Daenerys carried their characters pretty well, better than some people might have expected.

 He also said that they both are very headstrong. Both Jon and Dany have been leading their packs for quite some time now and there is a history of animosity between their families. It’s quite surprising that they have managed not to kill one another.

You might think what is the main reason that kept tempers from flaring?


“It was ice and fire really. I think Tyrion’s temperature control helped a lot. I don’t think it went as badly as it could have. Had their character’s met earlier, they might have pulled a knife or had a fight. I think they’re just getting to the stage now where the future of the world is more important than any ego trip they might have had,”Hill added.

Well, the romance between those two is quite out of the question now. It didn’t stop the romance from brewing between other characters though.

Romance Brewing? 

The Game of Thornes hardcore fans have been hoping and expecting that Brienne of Tarth might find a soft spot for Tormund Giantsbane this season. Well, your dreams might come true this 7th season.

Since their first meeting on-screen their characters have been facing tons of tension. So many people wanted that at some point they might become an item.

Not to mention Tormund has been greatly infatuated with Brienne for quite some time now. Although, she seems quite reluctant in getting involved with Tormund.

This season it seems like his efforts are coming to fruition. Brienne might be getting a bit infatuated with him as well. Hodor asked Brienne at San Diego Comic-con (Well, the people who played them in GOT) whether Brienne is enjoying Tormund’s advances. She replied by saying that her character is enjoying that because it brings the power dynamics.

At the same comic-con a fan approached the microphone and asked Brienne what Tormund has to do to “Get in her Chanmail”, she started laughing at this phrase (you have to have a really bad sense of humor if you decide not to laugh) suggested strongly that there might be some possibility of them becoming an item this season. It is may be due to the fact that both these characters have “had a mutual respect.”

They both have been on numerous scenes together on Game of Thrones. Yes, yes, we have seen sparks flying off everywhere. We are hoping to find more of them now.

You have to watch the episode to find out whether these two brave warriors get together or not. It is a possibility they leave the curious fans wanting for more. We hope that we might see tons of flirtatious interactions between these two love birds. Make sure that you tune into Game of Thrones this Sunday on HBO.



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