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Titanfall Mobile Spin-Off Launching Soon

Get ready Titanfall fans!

Titanfall Mobile Spin-Off Launching Soon August 7, 2017Leave a comment


A new Titanfall spin-off for mobile devices called Titanfall is to be released. The boss Vince Zampella, head of the Titanfall Respawn, earlier this week, told us about the Titanfalls’ RTS spin-off is coming much sooner than we thought. Titanfall: Assault will fully launch on August 10, 2017. Titanfall: Assault, a spin-off of the popular shooter, is coming to iOS and Android devices.

One plays as a commander leading his squad through different environments as he attempt to capture enemy territories. As you travel across familiar Titanfall locations, you collect burn cards and upgrade resources. This new game is going to be the real time strategy-title; something that the CEO of Titanfall’s developer, Respawn, said he confronted certain challenges to the team but also gave them plenty of freedom.

An exclusive titan is available for Android users that pre-register for the game on Google Play.

Titanfall: Assault comes after the cancellation of other Titanfall mobile spin-off Titanfall: Frontline. That title was a real-time strategy card game and one of several of Respawn’s upcoming mobile titles with Nexon, but the game was cancelled well before it even came out of beta. This isn’t the first time Titanfall has attempted to enter the mobile market. Titanfall: Frontline, which re-imagined the Titanfall universe as a card game, was cancelled earlier this year before it even exited beta.

Nexon and Respawn had announced a multi- year, multi- gaming partnership in 2015. As a result Titanfall: Assault won’t be the last sci-fi series to mobile platforms.

Assault is meant for the world. Even though it sports more chibi-esque versions of the pilots and titans. You’ll still be able to hop on in your favorite one from both Titanfall 1 and 2. You can get on down to the mech-kicking action.

And, for you Android users out there, you can snag an exclusive Android titan by pre-registering on Google Play now.

The official description of the game, which is coming to Android and iOS devices, through press release is here;

In Titanfall: Assault, players will put their RTS skills to the test as they collect, upgrade and assemble a deck of Pilots, Titans and tactical Burn Cards which provide powerful battlefield support. The PvP matchups play out across different maps. All  across the Frontier War and will require opponents to create and deploy their custom squad on the battlefield in order to outmaneuver enemy forces and win valuable rewards on the leader boards.



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