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White Tees, Bare Essential for This Summer

Where to find the perfect tee?

White Tees, Bare Essential for This Summer August 10, 2017Leave a comment

In search for a perfect white tee? Yes, then stop right here. This list contains all of the perfect tees for this summer, you can pair with bleached denim or just hot pants.

In anyone’s wardrobe white tees are an indispensable item. They give a clean, cool vibe in the scorching sun and heat. Perfect cotton tee helps soaking up the perspiration and keep you fresh all day.

Calvin Klein is famous for launching his signature white clothes like underwear and tees.

Calvin Klein’s newest collection is endorsed by Justin Bieber. Here is the list of perfect tees for you to grab this summer.

  1. Hanes x Karla, The Crew, $30

According to Samira Nasr, Fashion Director, this tee is perfect as it is made of cotton and perfect in weight. Not too heavy and not too flimsy. It is not too oversized but just a little bit boxy. Not too long that looks bad while tucked it, the perfect definition of a white tee.

  1. Acne Studios, Taline Cotton T-Shirt $ 130

It’s time to invest in a good tee as it never loses shape—Acne Studio has released just this type of tea that stay in shape and drapes perfectly.

  1. ATM, ATM Modal Sweetheart Tee, $85

As Caitlin Mullen, Credits Editor of Elle Magazine described it as her go-to tee all summer. It is very light in weight , soft and made with perfect fabric for those hot days when you don’t want to wear anything heavy. The neckline is also perfect for all occasion, doesn’t matter if you are going to work or having an informal night out.

  1. Calvin Klein Men’s Crew Neck, 3-Pack Cotton T-Shirt $40

These tees come in a pack of 3 for just $39. The entire pack can be utilized in this summer and get a new one next summer.

Especially economical and very functional for the people who ruin tons of clothes and love to freshen up their collection with new tees.

  1. Kotn, The Crew $30

It is a perfect fit for everyone and you can buy it in packs, it will help you save time and energy ordering again and again. Till now it was manufactured for men and soon Kotn is launching a range for women as well. Yaay!

  1. Majestic Filatures, Round Neck T-Shirt $62

For those who love hoarding tees in their closets. This one is perfect for the ones who love low-key, comfy and luxurious tees. These tees are made in Paris and it is as fancy a  shite tee can get. Get a pair jorts and rock it all summer.

  1. Reigning Champ, Ring-Spun Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt $50

This is a staple for any wardrobe especially when you don’t want to spend a fortune on just a tee. You can wear it in gym for just to get groceries. They are very comfortable and easy to wear out.

  1. Frances de Lourdes, Hardy Tee, $280

Who can put a price tag on comfort and luxury? This tee defines both. The Hardy tee is made with luxurious cashmere and silk jersey blend. Pairs well with dressy trousers or bootleg jeans. Also with denim skirt or shorts.

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