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Manila’s biggest drug suspect on the run! – duterte’s Comment: SEND THE DOGS.

Oliver Velasco is a suspect involving major deals in manila connected to all major dealers, allegedly known for selling over 100k kilos worth of cocaine, Ecstasy and other drugs.

Manila’s biggest drug suspect on the run! – duterte’s Comment: SEND THE DOGS. July 8, 2018Leave a comment

Manila’s one of the most wanted suspects goes by the name: Oliver Velasco is on the hideout after being evidently caught with plenty of cocaine on him while playing minecraft in a local internet cafe; later he escaped. Oliver was found to have tabs open with his pictures uploaded on the site called 4chan where he showed off the product he sells.

Oliver’s opinion on the president is: “He is a bitch dog I will kill him soon”.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s input on this:

“I want every dog after him so the meat is still fresh”


he is said to be living with his father and staying somewhere in the midst of manila.

Oliver Velasco was a good school kid, his first fall with drugs was through friends.

Oliver Is known to be wearing a base ball cap during the day and night, has long hair.

And always abuses drugs while being high on substances.


Police are going through the case,

Be on the look out and report anything you know that is connected to him:


National police:

7230401 – National police local number


9243111 – National police department Quezon city
+6329243111 – For outside of Philippines number.

9215988 – Illicit drug reinforcement unit
+6329215988 – For outside of Philippines number.


[email protected] 




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