Are you losing confidence with the appearance of aging signs on your skin? Feeling terrible mood swings that you never used to have? Feeling cranky and restless? These are all signs of hormonal imbalance.

Both women and men undergo a decrease in hormone production as they age. For women, this happens after menopause. During this time, hormone levels decline rapidly, which leads to aging signs and symptoms. In women, the ovulation process stops, and testosterone level in men reduces. Such hormonal imbalance happens naturally.

Some of the common signs of declining hormone levels include wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, insomnia, saggy skin, and so on. If you don’t want to experience these, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) should be a go-to option for you.

However, you might be refraining from it because you believe certain misconceptions about it. Here are some top myths about hormone replacement therapy completely debunked.

Myths About Hormone Replacement Therapy

1) HRT is only for women

HRT not only benefits women but men too. Men also experience a decline in testosterone as they age. This causes fatigue, weight gain, and energy loss, etc. HRT can help in addressing these issues. So, don’t believe that this therapy is designed for increasing estrogen levels only.

It can boost testosterone production significantly in men. Moreover, you will see an improvement in the quality of life too with it.

2) HRT can’t manage weight loss

Menopause contributes to weight gain. But when hormone levels in your body are balanced, you can maintain a proper weight and figure. And you won’t feel lethargic.

With hormone replacement therapy, you can stay in shape even as you age. Your energy levels will increase too. Thus, HRT can make you feel energetic, yielding you a healthy and active lifestyle.

3) HRT is not safe

Some false information related to HRT has been passed on to you if you think it’s unsafe. HRT works safely in fixing hormonal imbalance. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry controls and keeps an eye on this therapy to lessen adverse effects.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy works in alignment with an individual’s biological structure. Even FDA-approved pharmaceuticals work safely. Doctors can customize the doses according to the patient’s needs and symptoms. Also, hormonal flow can be adjusted as per the conditions. So it’s not some alien, too-difficult-to-bear procedure.

4) No Symptoms, no HRT

If you believe that you need HRT only when you suffer from the symptoms of aging, you’re wrong! HRT can be effective even when your body is showing no signs. Some people keep waiting for the symptoms to occur or get severe,  but that won’t help. It should be considered as a way to prevent many health problems like osteoporosis.

So, go for HRT as early as possible, even during premenopause. Apart from that, women who have undergone a hysterectomy should go for HRT in their early menopause years. Men, too, can start taking it when they first begin seeing mild signs of aging.

5) HRT should not be taken for more than a few years

For women who are getting HRT in their early 40s, it’s safe and effective to keep receiving the same until hitting 50 years of age. A doctor can examine you and suggest what’s best based on your symptoms.

Your doctor can also suggest a fitting timeline for reaping HRT benefits. And sometimes, this can last quite long. But don’t be scared, it’s perfectly normal!

6) HRT leads to heart problems 

Heart disease doesn’t come with HRT, at least not in women who have just hit menopause. In a 2002 study, it was claimed that HRT leads to an increased risk of heart issues in women. But it was later found out that the study mainly claimed this about women above 60 years of age.

If you have just started menopause, it’s completely safe to go for HRT. With an experienced doctor recommending it and monitoring you, you shouldn’t face any issues.

7) Menopause can be delayed

Symptoms arising due to menopause can be controlled, but HRT can’t delay andropause (decline of testosterone in men) or menopause. Both of them are natural processes that’ll occur regardless of HRT.

Not continuing the treatment will cause the symptoms to appear. Thus, it is advised not to stop the treatment suddenly or without a doctor’s advice. Otherwise, you will regret it later.


HRT has been effective for many women and men. You can choose it for relieving a range of symptoms like mood swings, crankiness, acne, tiredness, etc. – all associated with hormonal imbalance. So approach a reputed doctor today to receive HRT and treat your hormonal imbalance issues.

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