In recent years polydioxanone thread has become the most popular technique to tackle skin sags and neck folds. By using this technique, you can overcome your skin sagging problem in both procedures, surgical as well as non-surgical. These threads are available in many different sizes; everyone needs a thread of different sizes and lengths; one size or length does not suit all.

It’s essential to take this treatment from a professional doctor because they know exactly what kind of thread your skin wants. In addition, it is the only process that offers you a treatment of skin sagging without doing surgery.

Many websites are available on the internet that tells you about doctors in your locality, and you only need to type on Google PDO threading near me to get a list of pro doctors in your area. Before starting the treatment, it becomes very important to research doctors because choosing an unskilled doctor may damage your skin completely.

What Is Thread Lift?

PDO threads are absorbable surgical polydioxanone threads that can be used anywhere on the face. These are thinner than hair and made up of protein; threads are inserted below the skin to solve the problem of skin sagging resulting in a smoother and pumper experience.

Anyone can go for the PDO thread technique; generally, these threads can be used in areas like

  • Jawline
  • Forehead
  • Neck
  • Browse

Desired Effect

The first step for PDO thread treatment is to discuss with your doctor how many threads are required to get your desired effect. You can use so many threads to achieve your favorite effect; there is no need to worry about scars because these threads have no side effects other than minor swelling. You can even return to your work if you are comfortable.

PDO Threads

No cuts are made on the skin during this process; PDO threads are pre-loaded injections with dissolvable stitches. Doctors simply insert this injection into the tissue parallel to the skin’s surface and pull the needle out. This thread remains inside the skin to stimulate protein for smoothness of the skin.

If you want to take PDO thread treatment, you must select the best doctor in your area because professional doctors know which kind of thread and technique is suitable for your skin. If you cannot find a pro doctor, you can type on Google PDO threading near me. As a result, you will get information about all the professional threading centers in your locality.

PDO Threads Can Be Used For Many Problems

  • Many people in this world try to lose weight; sometimes, losing weight more than needed may cause skin sagging. Skin sagging is the most common problem among teenagers; PDO threads help a great in solving this problem. They help lift the sagging skin on the neck, face, arms, and many more body parts.
  • PDO threads are also the best treatment for mid and lower face dropping, you can correct this problem using these threads, and it has no side-effect.
  • You can also use this technique if you are struggling with facial folds and wrinkles; it is the only technique that solves the problem of facial folds without making cuts on the body.

Result Of PDO Threads

You will experience a lifting effect immediately when you’re swelling resolves. In addition, you will feel your skin will become tighter and smooth as new collagen (a protein that makes skin smooth) is produced in your skin for several years.

The threads used in this procedure are exceptional; these threads take 4-5 months to dissolve. Once these threads get dissolve, the effect will last for 12 months to 24 months, according to your age and health.

Procedures using PDO threads are the best alternative for facial rejuvenation. Every patient has different needs; there are many threads and techniques available to fulfill the patient’s needs. There is a need to choose the best doctor to get fruitful cosmetic results.


You should be very sensitive about your skin because even a minor skin problem can affect your overall appearance. So before choosing this procedure, you should consult a professional doctor because everyone has a different kind of skin; selecting the wrong treatment with the wrong thread may damage your skin.

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