Christian Dior bags are doubtlessly a well-known brand in the fashion industry, and Dior handbags are one of the fast forged products on the market. All of the bags and accessories made by  Dior comes with type specifications that the fake one fails to copy, and we are going to inspect and observe one of Christian Dior’s finest and most famous bag, the Lady Dior. The essentials covered in this article apply to every other Christian Dior bag. Christian Dior’s book Tote bags are vibrant and timeless, but neither so as the Lady Dior, which was initially founded in honor of the late Princess Diana; Lady Dior is said to be one of Dior’s most appreciated products. This stylish and graceful handbag has genuinely been in the market since its conception in 1994 when it was first named the ChouChou, which translated as‘ favorite’ in French.

A new Dior bag comes with a booklet complete with information on maintaining the bag. It is written in the given languages: English, Chinese, and French. There will always be a Dior authenticity card. This card must have white rectangular spaces filled in, most often by hand, with details such as the date of purchase, the boutique’s location, and the bag’s style number. 

The following steps might help you in your inspection of a new lady Dior book tote bag:

  • The charm:

it has a charm that sparkles like it is made of gold and spells out the word D-I-O-R. One should not be able to flip on itself since it is attached to the bag on a loop rather than a free-hanging loop. One can also move the charm left and right, but not flip it around. The DIOR word will not be thin or light-weight nor move around too much. 

  • The handles:

The handles must be firm and sturdy. You might keep them upright or fold them down, but the leather handles themselves should not bend. Flimsy handles reside as a sign of poor workmanship. Fakes also make squeaky noises. 

  • The exterior of the leather bag:

The leather emblem fixed to the charm will say Christian Dior on the back. Fakes sometimes possess Christian Dior Paris Made in Italy carved on it.

  • The zip:

The main zips puller will possess a four chain link which is fixed deeply into it, and then it is followed by three big rings, with a rounded zip puller fixed to the last ring. The zip pull is almost in the shape of an oval egg, and it should feel hefty in your hand and have the letters ‘CD’ carved into it.

  • The stitching:

evaluate the stitches. When one runs their hands on the bag, the stitching can’t be felt, and the color of the thread used for stitching will match the bag’s color, making it invisible.

  • The structure and dimensions:

if the bag has a weird shape and is tilting, giving it a bad shape, it is a fake bag.

  • Christian Dior terminated making handbags in France in 1990. Seeing a “MADE IN FRANCE” bag on a newer Dior bag should be a red flag immediately.

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