Baby-fine hair on adults can be a source of embarrassment for most people. Some would opt to have their hair shaved and go bald, while others constantly wear caps to hide the condition of their hair. Fortunately, there are some ways on how to solve this hair dilemma.

Thin hair can be fattened-up by using a hair and scalp treatment which is enriched with protein. The protein component can volumize the strands so one does not have to worry about their scalps showing up underneath their thin hair. Audrey Davis-Sivasothy recommends a DIY of banana protein smoothie. The combination of eggs and bananas which are rich in amino acids can help improve hair’s thickness, strength and elasticity.

Enhance the volume of limp mane with the help of volumizers. As an alternative, Kyle White recommends using a laundry starch. White, who works for Oscar Blandi, says that starch can help hold hair for an entire day. Starch also adds texture to the hair.

Instead of sporting messy curls, add definition to waves with the use of honey and syrup mixture. Both ingredients help retain hair’s moisture and hydrate it in the process.

Dyed hair can also result to baby-fine mane. To enhance hair’s vibrant red color, one can use cranberry juice. Ash blonde hair can benefit from chamomile tea, while hair with golden highlights will look better when rinsed with champagne. Achieve less brassy hair dye job with the use of grape-colored juice to take out the orange shade.

Add life to dull hair by making the cuticles of the mane shiny and glossy. Hair should be clarified with an apple cider vinegar rinse. The acidic components of the vinegar work best with the hair’s natural pH.

Frizzy mane makes hair susceptible to breakage and flyaways, even with just a simple friction or humidity. To avoid this, one can apply castor oil in order to protect hair from the surrounding air.

The use of too much hair products can lead to buildup. In time, a person can observe that is hair always looks dirty and sometimes, flakes that look like dandruff may start to appear. It is essential to treat hair with a deep cleansing method using baking soda. Other great options include the use of clarifying shampoo or making a DIY hair clarifier by combining aspirin with shampoo.

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