Findingthe best perfume which not only smells great to you but also smell great on you can be quite a challenge. The trial and error method might work, but the amount of effort required can really be exhausting. Here are a few tips that would get you started in the right direction to find that signature scent that you have always craved.

Know the fragrances and your response to them: Before you start on your signature scent hunt, have a good understanding of the scents that you like and those you don’t. Jot down the various scents you are aware of and write about your tastes and the reason for your tastes next to each fragrance.

Remain true to your inner self:

Selecting a scent that matches your personality is important. Your fragrance should be something that people come to associate with you. Thus remaining honest to yourself and choosing a scent that best suits your personality is important. Bold and overpowering scents rarely work for reserved people while the mild ones should ideally be avoided by the strong-minded ladies.

Test it on the skin:

Scents might smell very different on your body from what they smell inside a bottle. Your body’s inherent chemistry plays a part in subtly altering the smell. Thus, it is important to test all perfumes on your wrist or inner arms.

Take the scent with you to bed:

Pushy sales people might influence your decision in the store, as can the overly scented surroundings. It is a better idea to try on the various fragrances and then sleep with them on. If you still like what you smell after getting up in the morning, then that fragrance can become your signature scent.

Finally, knowing the notes of your favorite perfumes is also important. Understand what smells best on you amongst wooden, floral, Cyprus, musk and more and stick to this base when going perfume hunting.

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