Lately I have been contemplating changing my hair color to something I have not done before. I have wanted a change for a little while now. I really think I want to get platinum blonde hair with some caramel low lights. The extreme platinum color which is a white blonde. My hair color is already blonde and without my lighter highlights I would be more of a dirty blonde. In my opinion it would be a perfect color and change for me during summer. There are many shades. I want to share some pros and cons for me with platinum blonde hair. There are certain products that are suggested to use while having platinum blonde hair.

Why Platinum Blonde

Many of you might be thinking why platinum blonde when I already have blonde hair? I say why not? I see other women with this beautiful color and I want to try it myself. There are extreme versions of this color. I have seen more women my age with platinum blonde and a touch of pink. I love that look but I do not feel brave enough to add pink. That maybe a little too much for me the first time around.

There are a good deal of platinum blonde ideas on Pinterest. Someone had posted a picture that actually looked like my style of cut. Almost like it is meant to be! There were so many great ideas on platinum blonde colors with low lights.

So many styles of platinum. Some are almost white and others not as extreme but still beautiful. The variations seem to be if other colors are added and how much of a person natural color is left showing. Some may get platinum highlights which will leave much of the natural color showing. Others get platinum for the majority of their hair and add low lights to give it depth Then there are women who completely go platinum blonde or almost white. It all depends on the person, product used, and how the stylist applies to the hair.


In my opinion, one pro to getting platinum blonde is that it will be exciting to make a change. This will definitely be different from what I am used to plus adding caramel low lights will make it so much fun! It will be a nice bright color for summer.

Another pro is this color is trending right now. More and more women are doing this drastic color change. I never follow trends for any reason other than if I like it. I happen to really like it and think it looks amazing on everyone I have seen so far.

I frequently get my hair professionally highlighted to brighten it up because my hair tends to turn a darker blonde. Therefore, I already know how to care for color treated hair. Blonde hair can get build up from water and products that can turn it brassy or yellow. There are many good products to keep this from happening.


In my case a con would be is platinum blonde may not look well with my skin tone. I have a fair skin tone which might make this color wash me out. It may make me look very paste. That is something I worry about and I will not know how it looks until I try it.

Another con is I would not be able to change my hair color back for a while. The process could really damage my hair. It is basically bleaching the hair. The possible damaging effect is a big concern for me. The hair can become dry and brittle. Issues with water such as iron, chlorine, or other discoloring minerals can turn the platinum color to green or orange

The up keep and cost are more cons. I would be getting a full color change instead of only foiled highlights the cost will be more expensive. To keep the platinum blonde I will need to go in more often to get my roots done. So again cost would be more due to the frequency of visits.

After Care

In order to make sure the color lasts for a long time I will need to use product that helps care for it. After doing some research pretty much every tip is to moisturize and replenish to keep it healthy. Another tip said to avoid too much heat styling. This could be a problem for me since blow dry and flat iron my hair every day.

The research mentions to use purple shampoo and conditioner to remove any brassy or yellow build up. Quite a few brands have purple shampoo and conditioner. They range in price too so should not be too hard to find one that works for me. I watch a video of someone who uses Sebastian products . When I google the top products brands such as Avenda, Joico, Davies, and L’Oreal popped up to name a few. My stylist recommends Moroccanoil. This is a great brand. I already used their dry texture spray. She recommends using the Moroccanoil Moisture Repair shampoo and conditioner.


Honestly platinum blonde is not way out of my color wheel anyway. It is something different that women of all ages have been doing lately. Some are more extreme than others but I like that idea. I want something that is exciting to me and fun for the summer. I know to use purple shampoo and conditioner. After discussing going platinum with my hair stylist, she agrees it will look nice and will not wash me out. In order to minimize the damage, she suggests to keep foiling my hair adding lighter platinum color gradually. This process will use my natural hair color as the low light giving me dimension.

If you have any thought or comments please leave them below. Have you ever considered going platinum blonde or something extreme to your hair? If so, did you? What were your pros and cons?

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