It is natural to have hair on various parts of the body like legs, arms, armpits, hands, feet, back, stomach, bikini area, and even face. Some people do not have any problem and prefer keeping their hair as they are. Contrarily, large masses including both men and women; resort to cosmetic ways to get rid of body and face hair. Typical salon and home remedies like waxing, threading, sugaring, etc. are undoubtedly effective but only temporary. People have to repeat the same procedures after a couple of days or weeks to remove hair. Hence, they look for permanent alternatives.

If you are also hunting for better and lasting results, it is obvious that you might have searched for laser hair removal near me on the internet. What if you come to know that there is not just one but several ways that can help in removing hair for the long term?

Well, be glad because that is right. Find below some of the topmost methods people use around the world for the same purpose.

About permanent hair removal techniques

It is a known fact that waxing and other hair-removing creams available over-the-counter help in getting rid of body hair only for a short time. So, permanent hair removal methods differ from conventional practices by yielding effective results for a longer duration. Over time, experts have invented some medical treatments that can prove to be useful in having a permanent solution to remove unwanted body and face hair. Such techniques are about using scientific mechanisms at the targeted areas to stop the growth of hair.

What are the reliable ways to remove hair permanently?

You might think that laser treatment is the only option, but there is more to your happiness. Have a look at the available methods currently to remove hair for a long period.

  • Electrolysis-

It might be a bit surprising to see this name at the first position when there is an unimaginable buzz about laser. Well, the reason behind putting electrolysis on top rank is that it is the only method approved by the competent FDA authorities as of now. Hence, it is the safest and effective way to remove hair permanently.

This process works by targeting the hair follicles and inhibiting their performance by using short wave radio frequencies. Resultantly, hair growth becomes next to zero after the desired number of electrolysis sessions. Be it about genetic growth or light color, this method does wonders to all types.

However, everyone must remember all medical treatments come with one or the other side effect. In the case of electrolysis, the client may face some after-effects like redness, prickliness, or even scars. But, you do not have to worry about these as they will eventually go or may not even occur if you get the treatment from a pro.

  • Laser-

Now, let’s talk about the widely-talked procedure to remove hair from different parts of the body- laser. As the name implies, the process is all about using a laser beam on the area from where a person intends to remove hair. The light converts into heat; thereby, stopping follicles from rendering hair out.

It is one of the best techniques in removing hair from any region except around the eyes. The client will see significant results with each sitting and will eventually see no hair at all after some repetitions. Innumerable people around the world have trusted laser techniques to restrict the growth of bodily and facial hair.

Similar to other cosmetic treatments, even a laser is not far from side effects. One may feel pain in soft areas like upper lips, bikini area, and armpits while getting laser hair removal. Even exposure to the sun, sauna and other warm elements may cause discomfort. Rashes and burns are also common if the technique is executed by an amateur.

  • Creams-

These are not the typical creams available on the shelves of a supermarket or chemist shop. Other creams are also effective but they are helpful only for a couple of days. So, pay attention to the words Prescription-strength creams while looking for a permanent solution. The best thing about choosing this alternative is that they are pocket-friendly when compared to the rest of the clinical treatments.

It is also considered a safe option to remove hair from the body, and its efficiency is also much appreciable. Usually, the instructions say that the user has to apply the cream on the desired part two times a day. However, one should consult a doctor and take guidance about the application rather than being random about it.

This method calls for due diligence by the person adopting the procedure. You will have to let the cream on for a couple of hours. Also, a pregnant woman might have to avoid using these creams. So, consult a specialist before using this technique.

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